Try Our New Super BK Lazy Ass Meal

We all understand that fast food isn’t good for us, we get that, it isn’t a secret, but sometimes you just have to make a run to McDonald’s, or Jack, or Carl’s, or Wendy’s, or the BK. Too tired to cook, and too lazy to go hunting, you get off the couch, drive your car […]

1 Vagina, 2 Vagina, 3 Vagina, 4

As a guy, when I first heard about this story, my first impression is “fuck yeah, let’s do this!”, but when I didn’t get a return call, I had a lot of time to reflect on the situation. Let’s rewind shall we? As I stumbled around my living area this morning, I, what my grandparents […]

We Want BORING Porn !!!

Porn. It’s naughty, it’s fun, it’s my best friend on a late, lonely Wednesday night whilst sadly looking through yearbooks of all the friends I never had and all the empty pages without signatures and cool sayings like “Stay Cool this Summer”. Play, pause, fast forward, oh wait, yeah, just like that, pause, on your […]

Your iPad is Today’s Genie In a Magic Lamp – Now Make a Wish

Did you hear the one about the Canadian who walks into America showing the border patrol guard a digital picture of his passport, which was scanned into his iPad? Well folks, there’s no punchline to this joke eh, because it’s the freaking damn truth eh !! Yeah, some maple-leaf lover sashayed his way into the good ol’ U.S […]

Top 5 New Year's Resolutions and Why You Suck If You Do Them

Hey friends, we’d like to apologize for ignoring all of  you for so long, but sometimes the van needs to be taken to a garage and given an overhaul. So forget the apology because what we should have said was … you’re welcome … for recharging our batteries and bringing some really good shit your […]

Articles Schmarticles … Show Us The Boobs !!!

When I think of great reading material the only true publication that jumps out at me without even giving it a second thought is Playboy. Month after month, year after year they churn out some of the  most interesting and in depth articles covering the gamut from polictics to Super Bowl MVPs, from how to […]

Santa Christ Is Coming To Town

What better way to bring in the Yuletide season with the wonderful smell of Gingerbread Lattes and White Christmas playing in the background. Storming the malls on black Friday and hopefully not trampling anyone in the process, let alone being the trample-ee. Getting all the things our family wants and eating all the things that […]