Defenders of Sexy Teachers

It’s no secret that Van Full of Candy is a supporter of hot teachers.  It’s a brave, bold stance that we have long taken when ever a poor, misunderstood educator is arrested for doing things that we wish had been done to us in school. Of course we couldn’t possibly defend EVERY apple polishing head mistress every time we […]

VFoC's 2011 Van Haiku Contest Finalists!

After two grueling weeks of intense poetring, we have our finalists! But a funny thing happened on the way to compiling our finalists. Originally we stated that we would pick our two 5 favorite Haiku and present them to you, the Van going public to vote upon and choose our winner. Then we took a […]

We Will KICK You In The Facebook!!

I just read some bullshit about a soccer player who created a Facebook page and got 7 Million likes in 7 hours. Holy goddamn Pelé that’s a crock of shit. A soccer player? It’s taken us 3 months to get 80 likes on Facebook. EIGHT … ZERO!!! THREE … MONTHS!!! So apparently pouring your heart […]