Cannadom: The Pot Flavored Condom That Gets Everything Right, Wrong

Like sex but hate enjoying it? Like pot but can’t stand getting high? Well have we got just the thing for you! All of the great taste of marijuana with NONE of the intoxicating effects, slathered on the outside of a prophylactic! Or you could just punch yourself in the taint with a “water pipe”… Originally […]

Pot’s Growing Legality Makes Girl Scout Cookie Sales Almost TOO Easy

Not too long ago, there was a time when everyone wasn’t racing gay marriage and pot legalization like they were dogs around a track. Now a days there’s fewer and fewer places that you can’t either as a dude, marry another dude, or purchase the Mary Tobacco Cronic like it’s a pack of healthful honest […]

Montel Williams Wants To Get You Stoned

So Montel William’s television show, monotonously named, “The Montel William’s Show” ended a few years ago. Not that anybody had any clue, hence, me letting you know. You probably know him better for his infomercials pushing his Healthmaster Blender to people who are too lazy to actually go to a grocery store, buy the ingredients to make […]

Movie Review: "Your Highness"

We at Van Full of Candy are entertainment industry movers and shakers. Big shots. Fuckin’ important ‘n shit. That’s just a fact. As such we get invited to the advanced screenings of all of the biggest high profile cinematic events. People want us there, important people, they want to be associated with our awesome comedic might. We get EXCLUSIVE invitations handed to us in VIP flyer […]