I'm A Rocket Man !!

Holy freakin’ Buck Rogers In The 25th Century, our Jetpacks have finally been made and are available for order right now!! Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to fly like Superman? Well, not EXACTLY like Superman because he didn’t have to strap on a 535 lb. Honda Civic engine the size of a refrigerator to […]

Supour Heroues

First: I’m the bloody Batgent, guv’na! Then: Spider-Lad, Spider-Lad, does what ever is not unbecoming of a Spider-Lad to do! And now… Look, up in the air, it’s a parrot! It’s a sky lorry! No, it’s — Superbloke! What in the name of god’s three color butt hole is going on here!? Batman, Superman, Spider-Man. Three fictional […]