Adorable Disney Favorites + Zombie Apocalypse = The Walking Disney

If you like one thing, but wonder what it would look like if that one thing you like lived in the world of another thing you like, well you’re in luck because you have “the Internet”. The Internet is a magical place where you every dream exists, just waiting for you to find it, and your […]

Celebrities With Turtles On Their Faces, That Is All

Maybe that requires more explanation, well, it’s pretty straight forward really. Sure, they’re not actual turtles. And sure, they’re not so much actually on their faces as drawn on to photos, but, well, you’re right, that title might have been a touch misleading. But still, Celebrities With Turtles On Their Faces. Originally posted on Your […]

Come With Me, Back to Happy Valley!

A couple years ago, 2008 to be exact (the year 2008, not 2008 years ago, I really don’t want to talk about that time… it still hurts.), I set about on a quest. But before we get there, I guess I should recap it all from the beginning, if’n I’m’a gonna. In April 2006 I needed a creative outlet. […]