Lowered Social Standards: Thy Name is UFC

Have you ever been publicly praised by your boss and heralded as “one of the classiest people on Earth!”, for choosing not to continue to savagely pummel an unconscious rival until being forcibly removed from their carcass by authorities? UFC fighter Brian Stann has, and that seems like a bad thing to me. Now, I enjoy fighting […]

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things (Stupidity On Parade)

Stupid people come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, stupid people are just like you and me… Alright, who’m I kidding, they’re nothing like me, and for me to even suggest that they could be is just stupid. And of course, since you had the head full of smarty brains to come here and […]

Hey Poor People: Go Fuck Yourself

It’s no secret that the rich despise the poor. This hatred stems from a couple very different, very dark places in the place that at one time may or may not have housed a soul. Either 1) the rich person was once poor, and the very sight of the un-monied sends shivers down their spine, reminding them of the life […]