Smart Phones In America: More Important Than Sex, Life

If you’re reading this, which odds are if you read that means that you are, you’re likely reading it on a smart phone. These handy dandy little devices have become so important to us they are quickly supplantingĀ life itself, (the creating and maintaining of which) inĀ American’s priority check list. Originally posted on Your Daily Media […]

I’m Blogging Live In Line Waiting To Buy an iPhone 4S

Hey everyone, Jason here from VFoC blogging live from a line in front of the mall waiting to get in so I can make the mad dash to the Apple store and buy my unexpensive iPhone 4S. The strange thing about this is that I have an iPhone 4, which is less than a year […]

A Priest, A Rabbi and an iPhone 5 Walk Into a Bar …

… the bartender says, “What’ll it be fellas?”. The iPhone says, “I don’t know about these two stiffs, but I wanna tie one on and go home with a stranger.”. Ok, so WTF Apple employees? This is beginning to be some sort of alcohol induced habit. You get your prototype, you go out drinking, and […]