Amateur MMA Fighter Halts Pummeling of Opponent To Tap Himself Out

In the world of mixed martial arts, it’s kill or be killed! Or, you know, stop killing when it’s pretty clear that you easily could kill if you so chose to. Sportsmanship gets another weird definition as this guy taps himself out rather than take full advantage of an an inferior foe. Originally poster on […]

Lowered Social Standards: Thy Name is UFC

Have you ever been publicly praised by your boss and heralded as “one of the classiest people on Earth!”, for choosing not to continue to savagely pummel an unconscious rival until being forcibly removed from their carcass by authorities? UFC fighter Brian Stann has, and that seems like a bad thing to me. Now, I enjoy fighting […]

Five Things You Didn't Know About the Egyptian Cobra That Escaped From The Bronx Zoo

(1) Amon, the Egyptian Cobra was once a security guard at a shoe store. He got the part time job guarding really expensive sandals in an elite shoe store after he was laid off during the dot com bust in 2002. “I wasn’t sure what to do after I lost my job as a graphic […]

Be at Peace, Sweet Cocks

During my customary afternoon search for all cock related news stories, I came upon a rather ridiculous article. The basics of the story all fit together like well worn pieces of your classic, run of the mill stupid criminal news Madlib: Two guys pulled over for a routine traffic stop, cops see something suspicious in […]

The Disappearance of the Faint

What ever happened to the good ol’ fashioned faint? Back in the Victorian era when women would actually faint so much, they had “fainting rooms”. A whole damn room with a luxurious couch just for slowly falling down on with the back of one’s hand on their forehead! That’s damn fancy! But the price of […]