The LA Rams Of ’86 Wanna “Ram It”, You’ve Been Warned

If you grew up in the nineteen hundred and eighties, you know that it was an odd time when everyone who was anyone thought they had to awkwardly rap their every thought and feeling. We did survive this difficult era of ill conceived communication decisions, but every now and then it rears its ugly head, mostly involving […]

My Name Sucks Ass … And So Does Yours

All of our names suck, yours, mine, his, hers, your grandmothers for sure. These ridiculous names passed down from generations, these middle names from an uncle who drinks too much, or grandpa who strangely smelled like Werther’s originals but had no teeth. Agatha, Bertrand, Prudence, Oliver, Sherman … Who in the world would ever keep […]

Van Full of Candy traded to Jacksonville

With the NFL lockout finally coming to an end this week, teams have been frantically signing and trading players in a feeding frenzy unseen in the history of the league as they get ready for the start of the 2011 NFL season, just six weeks away. Among all of the confusion of blockbuster trades and free agent signings we have learned just this afternoon […]