Celebrities Gone Wild (Boobs Edition)

Only 5 short days ago I wrote about how Nicki Minaj’s left boob wanted to see the live audience on Good Morning America and decided to leave the confines of its snug little bra-home and smile for the cameras. “Pulling a Janet Jackson” was then coined by yours truly which I have just recently shortened to “Pulling a JJ” if you’re nasty.

Well it seems that these dirty little female singers aren’t done flashing us the goods. Two days after Nicki’s “accident”, another pair of funbags deployed when Kelly Rowland was performing in New Jersey on Sunday. Not to be outdone by Nicki, Kelly decided to up the ante and let both of them do some backup dancing with her during the concert and later told her Tweetster fans that she hopes they didn’t mind the “peekaboo”.

Look ladies, I’m not against you baring your num-nums to get some exposure, but don’t you realize that Playboy would actually pay you to let those rib-bumpers loose on the world. I’m just lookin’ out for ya, that’s all, because once the goombas have been released, there’s really nothing left to hope to see one day. But the selfish part of me is now hoping this dairy-pillows dispensing trend becomes as big as PLANKING has, I mean crap, who doesn’t wanna see millionaire bazoombas for free? But what you’re not realizing is that it’s all about when and where the chesticles are showcased, and now you’re the next casualty of the Peekaboo-NipSlip-BoobyShow-WardrobeMalfunction war of poor timing. You’re boring now, NEXT !!!

Get that girl some Mardi Gras beads !!

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