Celebrities With Turtles On Their Faces, That Is All

Maybe that requires more explanation, well, it’s pretty straight forward really. Sure, they’re not actual turtles. And sure, they’re not so much actually on their faces as drawn on to photos, but, well, you’re right, that title might have been a touch misleading. But still, Celebrities With Turtles On Their Faces.

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Humor: It’s a difficult concept to try to explain. What makes one laugh may not be even slightly funny to another and vice versa. Sometimes simple observation of the odd, quirky intricacies of the world around us are rife with comedic potential. Looking at something so ordinary, so innocuous, so common place and ubiquitous with just the slightest tweak or re-imagining may spawn the feeling. Here’s something so simple and so obvious that it’s quite literally right under our nose. Or, you know, drawn on it with a little bandanna mask.

For another year, voted “Sexiest Ninja Alive”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Noses. It’s a thing. Don’t believe me?

This ninja used to wear a vial of Donatello’s blood around its neck.
Somehow, doesn’t make him look any less crazy. But surprisingly also doesn’t make him look MORE crazy.
“Thou shalt have no other ninjas before me.”
Two ruggedly hansom halves of heroes in half shell.
This one can have two separate conversations at once.
Strong character ninja. That ninja’s good in everything.
A good fab four, but not the ones were were looking for.
There’s the stuff…
Wait… Ahhh… Actually, no, that’s right.

And there you have it, something as simple as drawing a couple lines around a nose can bring happiness to the world wide web. So really, after seeing this, none of us have any excuse for not being internet famous.

via: Your Daily Media

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