Get Your Fill, of Art, With “365 Days of Penises”

Art is generally considered to be in the eye of the beholder. This exhibit though, you generally want to point away from your eyes. So, get comfy and settle in for a hot, sticky face full of art created by one man with a white board and a dream. A dream of many, many penises.

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Penises, approximately 49% of us have one, and over the centuries, from “David” to “The Creation of Adam” it has been featured in some of mankind’s greatest artistic achievements. And somehow I hadn’t noticed until just this second that those were both by Michelangelo, who seems to have been quite a fan. But even as much as Micky from Tuscany appeared to love immortalizing schwantz, he’s got nothing on the man behind this recently uploaded YouTube video: “365 Days of Penis”

WARNING: This is PROBABLY not safe for work. Though, you could certainly argue the artistic merit of this with your HR representative at your harassment hearing.

Rising to the challenge that I’m fairly sure his wife regretted almost immediately after it left her lips, this daring artist proceeded to create a new piece of dong-centric art on her new white board every day for an entire year. And as you can see, the results are turgid.

“Never forget Nine Penis Penis”
“Good girth.”
“The raising of the pole at Iwo Jima.”
“The Macy’s Thankspeening Day Parade”
“Six More Weeks of Wiener”
“Wouldn’t want to save the princess without that.”
“No Discockification”
“Big Feet”
“That enigmatic smile”
“Oh the humanhoodity!”

Truly this gentleman, well endowed with artistic prowess, armed with a pen, engorged with life-giving ink, spilled quite a load of creative specimen across the face of the internet. And I’m spent.

via: Your Daily Media

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