Idaho Arena’s Little Beer Cup Size Illusion Could/Should Cost Them Big

As lovers, defenders and friends of alcohol, we at Van Full of Candy take crimes against booze very seriously. And when a people prey upon another hop loving people’s inability to easily calculate sport enhancing receptacle volume and can’t take a vendor’s word as his bond, well, that’s when shit gets real.

Originally posted on Your Daily Media

Many of us–the red-blooded Americans we are–have visited a local sporting exhibition or performed live in or on a field or other appropriate play surface or venue. While at said sporting venues, we have no doubt purchased food or drink to quench our thirst–riled by raucous cheer encouragements. “Go, favored local squad!” and the like. In such instances, a cool, refreshing fermented beverage is often called for. And without fail, these frothy libations seem criminally priced.

But in the instance of the fine folks at CenturyLink Arena in Boise, this accusation apparently may not just be the hyperbolic protestations of inebriated puck sticking enthusiasts.

The problem stems from a simple trick of the eye that the arena has apparently used to their advantage. In the video a fan is shown pouring the beer from a $4 “Regular” cup, into the cup of a $7 “Large”. The regular is shorter, but wider, while the large is taller but more slender. And as the demonstration shows, both cups hold nearly identical volumes of liquid.

Fie on your lager lies, contest hall!

It’s a trick that surely other venues have employed over the years, but in the age of social media justice, these folks have taken CenturyLink Arena to task in the public arena and there’s really very little they can do but throw their hands up and say “Ya got me!”

I mean, if they were honest, that’s the only thing they could do. Naturally, the reaction they’ve chosen to display is shock and confusion.

In a statement on the Idaho Steelheads facebook page, CenturyLink Arena president Eric Trapp assured fans that they “had ordered 16-ounce and 20-ounce cups and never intended to mislead customers”, (in)effectively passing the (flimsy) buck.

Mr. Trapp and the rest of those involved with CenturyLink should really count themselves lucky that this little sleight of hand trick may only cost them $10,000. Such hooliganry! Impeding the revelry of professional and semi-professional competitive game playing! “Foul!”, cry one and all with voices raised!

Now hooray regionally residing athletic association of skilled gentlemen! Go forward toward the designated point granting receptacle!

via: Your Daily Media

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