Incoming message: 3/17/2011 – 10:43 pm

March 17, 2011

Jesse – (10:43 pm)

Jesse – (10:48 pm)

Jesse – (11:09 pm)

Allison – (11:14 pm)

Jesse – (11:14 pm)

oh, hi. whats up??

Allison – (11:16 pm)
You texted me, Jesse.

Jesse – (11:17 pm)
no you did

Allison – (11:21 pm)
Are you drunk?

Jesse – (11:22 pm)
r u stll pretty? *<;’P


Allison – (11:35 pm)
Did you just send me a winky clown with his tongue stuck out emoticon?

Jesse – (11:37 pm)
(download: image (145k))
member this???

Allison – (11:38 pm)
What’s that in the background? Is that a pool table?

Jesse – (11:40 pm)
hahahahahahh lol!!!!! thats my penis!!!!!!!

Allison – (11:41 pm)
I know that’s your penis, why are you taking pictures of your penis in a crowded bar and sending them to me? How drunk are you?

Jesse – (11:43 pm)
i miss u

Allison – (11:47 pm)
Don’t do this.

Jesse – (11:48 pm)
(download: image (152k))

Allison – (11:51 pm)
Why is your penis wet?

Jesse – (11:52 pm)
IM CRYING! ON MY PENIS! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allison – (11:54 pm)
Please put your penis away.

Jesse – (11:55 pm)
(download: image (139k))


March 18th, 2011

Allison – (12:02 am)
Please stop texting me.

Jesse – (12:03 am)
what happened to us? huh? what happened to us i dont remember what happened?

Allison – (12:05 am)
You were an unemployed slob.

Jesse – (12:08 am)
no, but what else?

Allison – (12:09 am)
You slept with my sister.

Jesse – (12:21 am)

Allison – (12:23 am)
Do you have a ride home?

Jesse – (12:24 am)
its early. im irish! drink im gonna, tired

Allison – (12:25 am)
Is Jason there?

Jesse – (12:27 am)
r u fuckin jason now!??? what the fuck? shit where is that fuck!

WERE IS HE!>!?!?!<?!?

Allison – (12:36 am)
Do you have a ride home?

Jesse – (12:38 am)
do yu no were my keys are? did i give you my keys?

Allison – (12:39 am)
Where are you? I’ll come and pick you up.

Jesse – (12:41 am)
im on the flor

Allison – (12:42 am)
Why do you have to do this every holiday?

Jesse – (12:45 am)
u never undrstood me see. i dont do this every holiday i do this when ever and sometimes its a holiday then!

Allison – (12:47 am)
Do you have unlimited texts?

Jesse – (12:48 am)
ah can’ text all nite bebe! LOL!

Allison – (12:50 am)
I’m going to go, if you need a ride home let me know.

Jesse – (12:51 am)
dont go, its coo. i miss you

Allison – (12:53 am)
I miss you too sometimes.

Jesse – (12:59 am)
(download: image (216k))

Allison – (1:04 am)
Good night Jesse.

Jesse – (1:05 am)
im not tired. dont go. not tired at all

(1:12 am)
in not tired im not tired m not tired

im singing the im not tired song. everybody in the bar loves iot

(1:19 am)
some guy told me tu stop singing with his fist


Jesse – (2:41 am)
Excuse me. I’m sorry it’s late. Do you know the person at this number?

I’m sorry if you’re asleep but I need to find someone who knows this guy.

Allison – (2:53 am)
Who is this?

Jesse – (2:57 am)
My name’s Darrin, I’m the bouncer at Patrick O’Shots. Do you know this guy?

(download: image (221k))

Allison – (2:59 am)
He had pants earlier.

Jesse – (3:10 am)
He doesn’t now.

Allison – (3:12 am)
I’ll be right there.

Jesse – (3:13 am)
Yeah, I’ll prop him up outside by the door.

Allison – (3:14 am)
Do you guys have any towels you can spare?

Jesse – (3:16 am)
It was St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve got plenty of extras.

Allison – (3:17 am)
Great, can you just put one under him when you set him out?

Jesse – (3:21 am)
Under him? You don’t want to me to cover him up with it?

Allison – (3:22 am)
Trust me, it’s better to set the towel under him. I’ll be right there.

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