Is That A Knife In Your Head Or Are You Just Happy To See Me? (VIDEO)

It only hurts when my heart beats

Surgeons in southern China successfully removed a rusty, 10-centimeter knife from the skull of a man. The man shamefully goes by the name of Li Fuyan (which in ancient Chinese writings means Numb Brain). Li has been wandering around China for the last four years with a 4″ knife lodged in his head. AND HE DIDN’T KNOW IT!! Seriously Li? When the robber shanked you in the jaw and the blade broke off in your head and you started having really bad headaches and your breath turned rancid, you thought you’d wait four long, miserable, painful years to get your shit checked out? Not after, oh maybe 4 hours? 4 days, or even 4 weeks? But 4 F’ing years?? Well my hats off to you sir, you are one tough son of a bitch! Perhaps this is just a sad example of the healthcare in China, or maybe the man was just an utter dumbass. I’m going with the latter.


Four whole inches of throbbing Chinese steel, lucky for him it wasn

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