VFoC Video — “May 21st, 2011 … It’s Rapture Time Sinners”

Ya'll Gonna Burn In Hell ... Me? Well I'm Goin' To Heaven Because I Am Nostradamus Jr.

Well as most of the world knows, tomorrow is the second coming of Christ, The Rapture, Judgement Day. Well … according to Harold Camping. Ya’ll ready? Better get repenting real quick like because only about 7% of us (dead or alive) are going to get floated up to Heaven tomorrow. The other 93% of us are gonna live in “hell on earth” for another six months or so. Sounds fun. If I were a bettin’ man, and I am, I’d bet that the Van Full Of Candy flies through the air tomorrow with flying colors.


5 comments on “VFoC Video — “May 21st, 2011 … It’s Rapture Time Sinners”

    1. There was supposedly some sort of scheduling conflict with the Holy One and Harold Camping. Harold apparently had a deadline on Monday, needed an excuse to get back to work and blamed all the confusion on his Texas Instruments calculator.

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