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Our parody radio commercials from previous episodes of
“The Van Full of Candy Show”

Episode 1: “Knight Kry in Concert” and “The Sell Your Shit To Us Store”


Episode 1: “Ghost Line” and “We Buy Your Shitmart”


Episode 2: “Mighty River Sky Bear Moon Hotel Casino Resort” and “Furniture Mania”


Episode 2: “Morris Family: Vitamin B Bear” and “The 10 Percent Church”


Episode 3: “The Council Against Chubby, Pathetic Little Uggos” and “Sleep Wagon Mattress Garden”


Episode 3: “The Shit-chuation Room with Ball Sack Pete and the Chuckle Fucks”


Episode 4: “1-800-WEHATEOLDPEOPLE” and “Coverdale Tech Vocational Trade University College School”


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