Quick Crew Dances, Crew Style, To “Asian Concept”

We don’t always get what we want in this life. We’re not all rich and powerful, not everyone’s gonna create a cure to something important, and to date, I have yet to have a threesome with two smokin’ hot red heads. Life isn’t fair. I want to be a dance crewer, but I am not, so I must enjoy it from the sidelines. But the sidelines can be pretty awesome sometimes.

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​God, do I love a good dance crew. If only I was younger and more co-ordinated and had any rhythm at all… And had two or more friends. I would spend all my live long days dance crewing! And I probably wouldn’t refer to my dance crewing as “dance crewing”. Nor would I classify my increments of time spent dance crewing in terms of “live long days”. I’d probably have much cooler lingo! And clothes. And moves… and friends. The point (if I do have a point) is that I LOVE DANCE CREWS. In another world I have the flyest most funky fresh crew of… dancers, with whom I dance. Crew style.

And so, in my random browsing of the great repository of humanity’s nigh infinite collective of stuff and things (you know: the internet), I stumbled upon Quick Crew, 2009 winners of Norway’s Got Talent and Hip Hop World Championship Gold Medalist (that’s an actual thing and it only makes me wish I was crewing dance even more!). So enjoy their piece “Asian Concept” and just imagine that one of those guys is me, then we both will be, and it’ll almost be like it’s real.

via: Your Daily Media 

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