Sanctioned, Legal, Open Air Sidewalk Urination Coming To San Francisco

Being the social drinkers that we are at Van Full of Candy, there are times when the world is our toilet. That’s why we applaud this latest advancement in public urination technology. Adding legality to what we do out of necessity. It’s a beautiful thing.

Originally posted on Your Daily Media

As a gentleman and owner of an easily deployed standing waste secretion implement (penis), I would be lying if I were to say I haven’t engaged (more than once probably) in the thrilling practice of public urination. Stumbling home, drunk and wobbly, finding a dimly lit tree lining a residential sidewalk. It’s actually not as easy as you might imagine ladies. It’s down right difficult to make oneself do something that is at once a biologically natural–yet a simultaneously jailable–procedure. But now the good folks at Hyphae Design Laboratory are introducing a solution to urine scented neighborhoods.

Uhm… Solution?

Well, apparently this IS a solution to something that was supposed to already have BEEN a solution to public urination. See, apparently there are a number of “automated, freestanding public restrooms” around the San Francisco area. But, as is not entirely unexpected, they have been independently transformed into pay drug dens and quickie prostitutitoriums.

Imagine the difficulty of trying not to lock eyes with anyone at the urinal, multiplied by morbidly curious pedestrians.

So the solution to the solution is this open air urinal designed to discourage the goings and doings of those who would befoul the good name of an enclosed public toilet. This urinal even comes complete with disposable funnels for those adventurous ladies who have always wanted the thrill of awkwardly copping a squat on the sidewalk of a busy metropolis.

The PPlanter is even green and responsible, as the “grey” and “black water” is cycled through the planter which the bamboo apparently thrives on. So really, the more you pee, the more privacy you get it seems.

The flow chart of your flow.

I personally am a fan of the PPlanter idea and can’t wait to stumble upon one the next time I’m drunkenly navigating the treacherous-to-climb-sober streets of San Francisco. And really, given my height, I’ll probably still get the thrill of urinating completely exposed to the elements, though not doing so on a parked car or flowering shrubbery. So really, win win.

via: Your Daily Media

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