Strong Bad takes Daft Punk to The Limit

Homestar Runner has made a glorious –albeit infrequently released– return to the internets of late. But before that was a thing, Daft Punk released an album. Then someone decided to do the best, most logical thing that could have been done, and the result was this. I still listen to it in its entirety on the reg. ‘Cause that’s how I roll– Population: Tire.

Originally posted on Your Daily Media

If you’ve spent any time on this here internet over the last, oh, twenty years or so (inaccurate timescale noted), you should have encountered the awesomeness of If not, you should. Come back in a week or two after you’ve poured over every ounce of content. We’ll be here.

There, now that you’re fully versed or refreshed, you now understand what made the internet rule in its formative years. And now, YouTube user IAmArique has taken a song from the 2003 album “Strong Bad Sings: And Other Type Hits” and mashed it up with 2013’s biggest album, Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories” for what is probably going to be my apartment’s sound track for the foreseeable future: “Random Access Fhqwhgads”.

The entire Daft Punk album, remixed with the vocals from the one Strong Bad song “Everybody To The Limit”, and I don’t have problem one with that. Listen, and then be unable to stop listening. Then listen some more. Your day just got taken to the limit, Fhqwhgads.

via: Your Daily Media

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