Welcome To (Alleged) Fatherhood Justin

MAZELTOV! Oh Justin, we’re so very, very (allegedly) happy for you! I’m sorry this is a couple months late, but to be fair, you’re just finding out about it yourself now aren’t you? Wow, who’d a thunk it? Our little Justin Bieber already a daddy. Seems like just yesterday you were also still a child […]

Celebrity News: So Crazy, it’s True

Justin Bieber Rushed to Hospital for Violent Peanut Alergy James Franco Makes Invisible Art/Sells it for Real Money When he’s not pursuing a multitude of college degrees, acting in soap operas and major stoner themed motion pictures, guest professoring, being a rock star or modeling on the side, you know, to make ends meet, James Franco is […]

VFoC's Scratch -n- Sniff eBook

The release of our first online eBook has actually happened and we’re pleased to share it with the world today. Van Full of Candy has partnered with technological powerhouse 3M to create the first ever virtual scratch -n- sniff eBook. After years of scientific study we have been able to harness the only ‘LCD touch and smell […]