Osama bin Jackin’: The Diary of the "Little Terrorist"’s Mind

Osama bin Laden was just like you and me. Wait. No. What I meant to say is that, you’re no different than Osama bin Laden. NO! No, that’s not it. Okay, let me start over. Osama bin Laden’s penis. It existed. So does yours. If you were born with one. Or if yours wasn’t lost […]

VFoC Video — "Disgusting Beard"

We threatened it, and now¬†here it is, Van Full of Candy’s YouTube debut, “Disgusting Beard”. Look for more videos soon from Van Full of Candy, along with daily articles, blogs and random nonsense. We have all the humor you could ever need, all in one place. You’re welcome internet. You’re welcome. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qkh4X7S3mfA] Tell us what […]