Articles Schmarticles … Show Us The Boobs !!!

When I think of great reading material the only true publication that jumps out at me without even giving it a second thought is Playboy. Month after month, year after year they churn out some of the ┬ámost interesting and in depth articles covering the gamut from polictics to Super Bowl MVPs, from how to […]

Celebrities Gone Wild (Boobs Edition)

Only 5 short days ago I wrote about how Nicki Minaj’s left boob wanted to see the live audience on Good Morning America and decided to leave the confines of its snug little bra-home and smile for the cameras. “Pulling a Janet Jackson” was then coined by yours truly which I have just recently shortened […]

Reaching 100 With Class

It’s been almost exactly four months since this Candy filled Van of hilarity and yuks hit the road. We like to think in that time we have firmly established ourselves as one of the class acts of internet humor sites. It is with that standard of excellence in mind that we come to you today […]