50% Of The Nation Is Sexting, The Other 50% Have Land Lines I Assume

There’s no form of technology that we can’t put our genitals on. As a human species, we really only make any sort of technological advancement just so we have something new and exciting to do with our pleasure parts. If you don’t have a picture of someone’s bathing suit area on your phone right this […]

iVan Full Of Candy : The Cloud Edition

With all this fancy talk about clouds and keeping your music in a cloud and files in a cloud and pudding in a cloud, we here at Van Full of Candy have decided to officially change our name to iVan Full of Candy. Yes, you heard me correctly, we are now in the goddamn holy […]

And the winner IS!

Thank you all so much for participating in our little contest experiment fun time jamboree. We had fun putting it on and we hope you had fun entering and voting. We want to do something like this again someday when we figure out what the hell it is we want to do. But now, we […]

Our Favorite Search Terms of the Week

Search engines. They’re imprecise, clumsy¬†and ultimately telling of your inner most wants and desires. Your search history is kind of weird and embarrassing, and I’ll give you the same answer that I gave that flasher who lingered a little longer than necessary: no, you can’t look at mine. When you have a website, you get […]