VFoC 2011 Van Haiku Prizeocalypse!

Hey! Remember the Haiku contest? Oh, those were the days, we were all so young. Well, for those that don’t and don’t care enough to look through the archives to find it. We had a contest in which participants submitted their best Van themed Haiku. And after weeks of heated competition and literally ten of […]

And the winner IS!

Thank you all so much for participating in our little contest experiment fun time jamboree. We had fun putting it on and we hope you had fun entering and voting. We want to do something like this again someday when we figure out what the hell it is we want to do. But now, we […]

VFoC's 2011 Van Haiku Contest Finalists!

After two grueling weeks of intense poetring, we have our finalists! But a funny thing happened on the way to compiling our finalists. Originally we stated that we would pick our two 5 favorite Haiku and present them to you, the Van going public to vote upon and choose our winner. Then we took a […]

VFoC’s 2011 Van Haiku Contest

You know, we at Van Full of Candy have been doing a lot of talking AT you. You come by and you listen to our nonsensical views on trivial things and then you go away. Sure, it’s a good system, but we want more, and we know that deep down in a place that you […]