The Internet Presents: Patty Cake Playing, Bitchy French Dubbed Cats

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that we at Van Full of Candy are doing the internet wrong. More and more I see cat videos (usually much less produced than even the following), with MILLIONS of views. Meanwhile out finely crafted humor comedy jokes wallow in obscurity. Oh Internets, you cruel mistress, we’ll have your fickle love yet!

Originally posted on Your Daily Media

Cats. Cats and the Internet. Cats and the Internet with French dubbing and English sub-titles. French dubbed Cat patty cake with English sub-titles: happy weekend everybody.

This video “Dansons la capucine” (embedded video is from another uploader, used because “Parole de chat” seems to have turned off embedding) has apparently been online for a few years, and an English dubbed version also exists from more than a year before that. Ultimately though, I decided to highlight the French one because, well, I like the French version’s dialogue better (yes “Seriously”, don’t think I didn’t feel your judgement) and for some reason it just seemed more right as a French film. I think French speaking cats just FEELS more true. I dunno, what am I, a cat videologist? … No, I’m not, I’m almost certain that’s not a thing…

via: Your Daily Media

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