The Van Returns — to KUTZ FM 103.1

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be anything left in the tank, well, you’re just plain wrong because we’re back and some might even say, better than ever!

Jason and I are now living out a lifelong dream as drive time radio hosts! It’s true! And for those of you that those words don’t make any sense, well, you’re not alone. See, there was a time when a hand full of, let’s be honest, mostly guys, would talk about stuff, play games, interact with their audience and generally just fill the air waves with mirth and “shock jockery” for 4 hours and the people were happy. Well, if that sounds somewhat familiar, it’s because that genre has mostly migrated to podcasts, and what little talking remains in radio is a few seconds sandwiched in between mountains of music and commercials. The genre of drive time talk radio is all but extinct — which makes us the new kings of the graveyard!

The All New All Awesome Van Full of Candy show is recorded LIVE Wednesday afternoons at 12pm on the STAB! Comedy Theater TV channel ( on Twitch! And is then re-broadcast to the WORLD (though specifically to the very localized downtown Sacramento area) on KUTZ FM 103.1 and!

We’re having a whole lot of fun making the new Van Full of Candy show and hope you enjoy hearing it! Give it a try! We’ve missed you ever so much! SMOOCHES!

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