This Didn't Happen Today in History — November 30th

November 30th 2012 —

After the inadvertent release of indisputable scientific and theological confirmation of the Mayan calendar’s grim prediction of the end of the world and with a now hard, verified three weeks remaining in the very existence of the planet Earth and all of mankind, the peoples of the world, finally seeing above the infinitesimal irrelevant tribal struggles over resources and deific squabbles that have made neighbors foes for millenia embark on what future ancient Earth civilizations will refer to as “Suck’n’Fucknorak”.

The fossilized remains of a trans-continental daisy chain spanning the breadth of what they will never know as the former United States of America will be misinterpreted as the skeleton of the great “Beast of a Hundred Million Backs” which legend will have it, cracked the very planet in half with the force of it’s Earth shattering orgasmic roar.

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