Van Full of Mustache Rides [Movember Style]

“Hi, is this Magnum P.I.? Movember called … they want their mustache back.”

Ahhhhh yes, the glorious moustache !! The Fu Manchu, the Dali, the Handlebars, the Copstache, the Creepy Van Guy … HEY WAIT !! We’ve all seen them, and we all LOVE them. They’ve been around far longer than anyone probably would dare to guess. The first documented ‘stache of lovliness was depicted, coincidentally enough, on a carpet from 300 B.C. But I digress. There is just something masculinely magical about this lip carpet that makes everyone stare in awe. Magical enough to make you want to give us money for growing one, right? RIGHT ?!?! Enter … MOVEMBER !!

We here at Van Full of Candy are always up for a good ol’ fashioned contest/shindig/fundraiser sort of deal where the end result is a hairy bush right under nose that’s long enough to lick the lunch nuggets out of without using a napkin, whilst raising some fun-money for cancer awareness. So … the way Movember works is …

1. On November 1st, we must shave our little baby-butt faces smooth.

2. Go by the name of Mo Bros

3. Groom, trim and wax our newly sprouted mooostaches into something fancy over the next 30 days

4. Get people to join our team and/or give a small donation to reach our goal of $200

5. Look awesome

So here we are at day 1 of Movember cleanshaven and ready for action, and here’s the proof:

To get my face Movember legal, I went home on my lunch break and chewed my own beard off!
I used an icepick.

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