VFoC Video — “High 5”

Hey, remember that thing last Saturday that I was bugging you with regular updates on for like, 14 hours? Of course not, you don’t pay attention to us on the weekends. Well here’s that thing. Our entry into The Sacramento Comedy Spot‘s 14 Hour Comedy Challenge!

Saturday morning at 8 am we received a video with 4 not at all specific criteria, they were:

  • “You have to have a recognizable quote from a U.S. President.”
  • “There has to be a high five someplace in the video.”
  • “One character has to be wearing a baseball hat.”
  • “At some point during your sketch there has to be a double face palm.”

We wrote, recorded and edited our entry throughout that day and at 9:54 pm we e-mailed our entry.

See if you can spot all four of our criteria being met!

And if you’re in the Sacramento area, you should get to the aforementioned Comedy Spot on Friday, February 10th to vote for our video. We could win things. Maybe even stuff!

Either way, please enjoy “High 5”, we had a lot of fun making it.



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