VFoC's 2011 Van Haiku Contest Finalists!

After two grueling weeks of intense poetring, we have our finalists! But a funny thing happened on the way to compiling our finalists. Originally we stated that we would pick our two 5 favorite Haiku and present them to you, the Van going public to vote upon and choose our winner. Then we took a look at the facebook discussion where all entrys were supposed to be submitted to be considered official for the purposes of this contest (read the very clearly laid out rules carefully you candy chewing poeteers) and we found we had a nice, round, ten entrants. Now, the total number of poems was slightly more as some submitted multiple micro bursts of genius, so we decided, take our favorite of the multiple entrants and make it a top ten list of finalists so that everyone who participated can have a chance to be voted on. Also that would drive twice as many participants worth of friends to the site! More people sucked into the whirling vortex of that opened Van door!

But this is, of course, about you…

We had some fantastic entrants and now it’s time for YOU, the viewer, to decide which shall be featured on our vasty many webbed sites and pagies scattered about the webscape, and perhaps more importantly, receive our hand picked, over stuffed van styled box of delicious candies!

So vote, tell your friends to vote, tell them to tell THEIR friends to vote. You gotta want it. Make us have to pay for a Poll Daddy annual membership because you vote too much! The fate of theĀ 2011 VFoC Van Haiku Contest entrants are now in YOUR hands! DEMOCRACY!

[polldaddy poll=4888564]

(And before you say so, we understand that some might interpret Jess Frank’s Haiku as being less than 17 syllables, and an argument certainly can be made. But I prefer to read it with an over exagerated enunciation of the word “delicious”, which nearly eliminates it by having too MANY syllables, so it’s a grey area that we choose to allow. If you don’t like that, have your own Haiku contest…)

Voting will end exactly one (1) week from the posting of this poll, so, let’s say 11:30 am, April 18th. Aaaaand… Vote!

3 comments on “VFoC's 2011 Van Haiku Contest Finalists!

  1. So, since I clearly lost, do I get an honorable mention or something? Followed promptly by an honorable (or less than honorable, as the case may be) t-shirt? Hehe…

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