2 Cellos Covers AC/DC’s Thunderstruck With… Two Cellos…

“Classy Rock”. It’s a new genre that I just made up right this second. It involves people with training, more in the classical realm, classing the shit out of classic rock. There’s a lot of classic going on. And when you add a shiny coat of sophistication to the workin’ man’s rock and or roll, you get a pretty awesome result.

Originally posted on Your Daily Media

If you’re not familiar with the Croatian duo of Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, you’re likely not alone. I only discovered them myself about a week ago when Pandora served up their rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”, quickly earning them a place on that station. So you can be forgiven if this is your first exposure to them. But if it is, this is about as good an introduction as you could possibly get: AC/DC’s classic “Thunderstruck” as covered by 2Cellos.

You can check out more on their website, or see more of their videos on their YouTube channel. And if you’re at all disappointed with what you find, come back and tell me, and I’ll apologize profusely for wasting your time, buy you a One Direction CD and send you on your way. Philistine.

via: Your Daily Media

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