Adorable Disney Favorites + Zombie Apocalypse = The Walking Disney

If you like one thing, but wonder what it would look like if that one thing you like lived in the world of another thing you like, well you’re in luck because you have “the Internet”. The Internet is a magical place where you every dream exists, just waiting for you to find it, and your every nightmare waits to be discovered so that it can never be forgotten. You take the good with the bad when it comes to the world inter-highway.

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Cultural mash-ups are all the rage. Transposing beloved characters from our youth (generally into more grown-up situations), gritty-fy-ing the innocent images with a harder edge generally seems to tickle our weird and twisted fancies lately. This brings us to artist Kasami-Sensei.

Taking the standard soft and fluffy base (in this case, Disney/Pixar feature film characters, i.e. the epitome of soft and fluffy) and dropping it into an equally though differently beloved pop culture hard and dirty context (this time, the zombi-apocalypse landscape of AMC’s “Walking Dead”), Kasami has re-imagined some of your favorite kids movie stars as horror movie survivors. And while the project is presented as “The Walking Disney” thus linking these characters to the style of the “Walking Dead” world, really, some of the looks of the ladies more closely resemble B-zombie horror fare, but I think we’ll just gloss over that and enjoy the work as intended. Shall we?

Frozen’s Anna and Else seen here doing little to protect much tasty zombie chew flesh. Survival Odds: Four days.
Esmeralda, Clopin, and Djali having abandoned the hunchback as a liability, Djali clearly has no idea how expendable he is. Survival Odds: Moderate
Hercules and Phil. A demi-god in the zombie apocalypse… Holy crap, how has a Hercules vs. The Zombies movie not been made yet! Get my imaginary agent on the phone!
Hades and Megara. Odd choices. But then so is the choice of showing off every undergarmant you would choose to wear.
Mulan, practical and tactical. Survival Odds: Rules a large town of survivors.
Pocahontas and John Smith show that love is eternal and that eventually the white man gets his comeuppance.
Flynn Rider and Rapunzel from “Tangled” seem prepared, but you just know an undead’s handful of those golden locks are going to be the horrific, ironic end to this fairy tale.
The princess trinity of Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora, as represented here by bad ass 70s horror exploitation cheerleaders. Survival Odds: Fifteen Minutes or Rulers of the Wasteland.
Filling a very Rick Grimes roll, Sheriff Woody will keep you alive as long as you understand that you follow his word as law, or you’ll wind up in a dumpster.
Ariel and Eric were eaten almost immediately after this picture was taken.
Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog” bucking so hard not to fall to the race bias of most zombie horror. Survival Odds: Three seasons.
Merida from “Brave.” Armed with an actual zombie survival skill, she’s one I would put my money firmly behind. Survival Odds: Will see the re-birth of humanity, plus or minus pants.

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