Amateur MMA Fighter Halts Pummeling of Opponent To Tap Himself Out

In the world of mixed martial arts, it’s kill or be killed! Or, you know, stop killing when it’s pretty clear that you easily could kill if you so chose to. Sportsmanship gets another weird definition as this guy taps himself out rather than take full advantage of an an inferior foe.

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In the world of MMA, there are clear winners and clear losers. The guy who won usually has smears of the guy who lost all over his winning personage. The guy who lost usually has to have all of his dislodged parts gathered up in a duffle bag after the fight and reassembled to the best of the knowledge of friends and family. But in this fight, the winner is the loser, and vice versa.

In this battle of amateur fight-men, Mike Pantangco (in the white trunks), spends a couple minutes applying indentations to the skull and torso sections of this life like Jeremy Rasner-style punching bag. When the very handsome and virile Mr. Pantangco’s last face jostling punch seems to rattle the late Mr. Rasner’s legs back to a point prior to his mastery of bi-pedal locomotion, Mike does something shocking to the MMA-watching community and DOESN’T continue to pummel his defenseless husk, but instead taps out himself, effectively forfeiting the fight by choosing not to forfeit Mr. Rasner’s future motor functions.

It’s an act of sportsmanship that is not often seen in the world of professional savage-fist-and-knee-assault and which some have actually taken as something of an insult on the part of Mr. Pantangco. Because now-a-days, if you don’t take full advantage of any situation presented you, up to and including potential manslaughter, you’re being a total dick.

via: Your Daily Media

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