America's New Holiday: Execution Day – September 21st.

Today, two men were lethally injected all the way to death, in two different states (Georgia & Texas) for killing another human being. Troy Davis, the African American guy below killed a police officer 22 years ago by shooting him when the officer tried to help a man being attacked, and Lawrence Russel Brewer, the European American below dragged a guy behind his truck on a concrete road for 3 miles before leaving his body on the side of the road.

Killed a white man

Isn’t it just great that we all hate each other so much? I can’t WAIT to wake up tomorrow and see what else we can do to each other, besides, getting the fuck along. Christ, what the fuck is wrong with us?

Killed a black man

One thought on “America's New Holiday: Execution Day – September 21st.

  1. I always find it amusing that they transport the convicted with a bullet proof vest. As if someone might shoot the person before the government kills them. Of course, real justice would be to let the family member of the slain person flip the switch to kill the convicted. Or go back to the good old days of stoning in public.

    I figured hard line conservatives would be against the death penalty: is it not the ultimate intrusion in someone’s life…to take it. Oh, I forgot, they are playing God.

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