And the winner IS!

Thank you all so much for participating in our little contest experiment fun time jamboree. We had fun putting it on and we hope you had fun entering and voting. We want to do something like this again someday when we figure out what the hell it is we want to do.

But now, we have come to the end of Van Full of Candy’s 2011 Van Haiku Contest. We had a lot of really good entries and literally DOZENS of votes in determining the winner. And when the exhaust cleared and the candy was swept away we were left with one clear victor, with 15 votes, and 40.54% of the total vote…

@Here_Comes_Joy — Debapom Saha!

And his stirring, heart felt Haiku… #FriendsForever:

Ever since that day
You kidnapped my heart away
Friendship eternal

So touching, I just… Give me a second. What? No, I’m not crying, my eye just came.

So as promissed Debapom, we will be adding your winning Haiku to our many web presences for, I dunno, until we decide to change it I guess, and given how lazy we are, that could be quite some time still. In addition, as soon as we finish assembling it, and you feel like you can trust us with your mailing address, we’ll be shipping you a generous sized box of our favorite hand picked candies in something that we hope to shape somewhat vaguely like a van. We’ll see what the United States Postal Service will let us get away with… Either way, congratulations Debapom!

As for our runners up, second place Scott Petty and second second place Josias Regalito Valdez, if you feel safe in revealing your mailing addresses to two guys who identify themselves as “Van Full of Candy”, we would like to send you a very little something as well. I don’t know what, but don’t expect much. Oh, and don’t tell Jason, I just decided on this.

Anyway, thanks again for being a part of this whole thing. We really hope you enjoy what we do and keep coming back every day for a new piece of insanity. We hope to keep this going for as long as we can both stand it, and only make it bigger and better as we keep rolling along.

See you all tomorrow with what ever it is we decide to do. Until then, let’s do some donuts in the high school parking lot! Woooo!

2 comments on “And the winner IS!

    1. Or, to put it another way, now all you have to do to get a free bag of candy is to get in this wonderful, misunderstood van of fun, joy and tasty treats! It’s all about how you look at it really…

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