Anti-Masturbation Message Re-Mix Makes You Wanna Put Your Hands Up, Someone

Body language, just like spoken, or even sign, is a very important factor to take into consideration when trying to deliver any message. It become even more so when using sign language to deliver an anti-masturbation message, as it demonstrated, thusly.

Originally posted on Your Daily Media

I wasn’t very familiar with the practices of the Jehovahs Witnesses. The extent of my knowledge of that belief system was that they don’t celebrate birthdays and that Michael Jackson was one. That, and the knocking-on-doors cliche about the neighborhood missionaries. But that was as far as my knowledge about their beliefs and practices went; until I recently found this video. Apparently they have a pretty vehement stand against masturbation, which means that for most of us conversion would be impossible.

The teaching goes that masturbation is “unclean and greedy,” which I can’t exactly argue. But it is apparently such an important issue that they want to make sure even their deaf followers understand the dangers, which leads to this wonderful educational video, teaching deaf Jehovahs Witnesses the evils that lay along the path of self pleasure. And of course, since I found it on the internet, I found it re-mixed to 50 Cent’s “In Da Club”. Now, just READING that sentence might not make much sense, but when you see the super animated gestures and facial expressions of this sign language interpreter, you will, like me, not be able to imagine this video without the tune accompanying it. So enjoy, and remember: don’t be greedy; share your love organs with a friend. Just not on their birthday…

via: Your Daily Media

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