VFoC Video — “Life Cubed”

Well hello all you little worker bees. You must be SO excited for your Love America 3 Day Weekend. You know why you’re so excited? Because your job wants you to think so. It wan’t to trick you into thinking you’re happy that you’re getting an extra day off this weekend. Your job wants you to go and celebrate and light sparklers and celebrate this great land we live in. It wants you to think it cares about you and your mental well being. But it doesn’t, no, it just wants to suck the living life juice straight out of your soul day after day after miserable day, in a slow, methodical way, so you don’t even realize it’s actually happening until one day you end up like these poor happyless people. But it needs the extra day to reboot it’s Soul Sucking Machine so it’s running on all cylinders come Tuesday morning. So I guess the joke is on you … cubicle people!!


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