The Dip of the Damned, A Recipe for Delicious Sadness

This is how I prepared my Super Bowl spread, this exact way. The music may not have actually been playing, I may have just been hearing it in my head, but this, this is how my Sunday went. It wasn’t THAT bad really, All of my best friends were there: no one. Hooray, sport.

Originally posted on Your Daily Media

The internet allows us all a venue to showcase our own individual talents and abilities with the world. With YouTube, you can share your passions, handing down to subsequent generations the contents of your mind and skill set, imparting what might otherwise be limited to the confined scope of your local social circle.

The internet also allows others to take this heartfelt gift and twist it into something else entirely. Such is the case here with this installment of “Weber Cooks” wherein, with the simple addition of a melancholy tune, a man preparing a two-step chili cheese dip recipe is transformed into one of the saddest things I’ve ever not been able to stop laughing at. I hate myself for laughing so hard at this video. I’m not laughing AT Mr. Weber–honestly I’m not; I’m sure his dip is a huge hit. But God, with the combination of this visual and that song, it feels like, after this tutorial fades to black, the only sound that could come next is that of a single gunshot echoing through his unfurnished studio apartment. So yeah, enjoy.

via: Your Daily Media

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