The Official VFoC Music Video (Sorta) In The Works!

Oh god, we’re ruined!

Let me explain…

Tally Hall's new album "Good & Evil", avaliable now!
Tally Hall’s new album “Good & Evil”, avaliable now!

I’m (Jesse) a huge fan of Tally Hall (going to see them at the Troubadour, August 2nd, let me know if you’ll be there, we can hang, maybe become besties and braid each other’s hair…) a difficult to categorize and describe indy band out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. I found them a couple years ago quite by accident, as almost all good musical finds happen. A couple weeks ago I pre-ordered their new album “Good & Evil” (released yesterday and available on iTunes and at Quack Media. After getting a link in my e-mail to check out the free streaming preview of the new album, I discovered another link, promoting Tally Hall writing and recording your own personal theme song. I was ecstatic, and as such, did not read very clearly the entire sentence. I assumed that all pre-order customers had been selected to receive a customized theme song from my new favorite band.

Well, that was all I needed to hear. I ran out and bought (not rented, BOUGHT) hundreds of thousands of dozens of dollars worth of equipment, the type of equipment somehow didn’t seem to matter. I bought lights, cameras, rototillers, gas ranges, more lights, a retired soviet communications satellite, all to make what in my mind was going to be the single greatest music video in the history of musicalized videography! I realize now that this was probably incredibly dumb and made very little sense, but at the time it somehow sounded like the most rational thing in the world…

After re-reading the web page at the insistence of Jason, I discovered that I had in fact entirely misread almost all of what I thought as the only true fact in the world. In fact we were merely entering into a CONTEST to potentially, maybe possibly win a theme song… Perhaps… In theory…

Now, we can clearly see that this is more of a raffle than much of a contest. It seems we post the information on our twitter and or Facebook feeds, and that is likely meant to be that. But frankly, I’ve sunken several life’s savings into all of this hardware and am somehow three weeks into filming of our multi-dollar music video, despite having just learned of the possibility roughly 18 hours ago… So we figured, we might as well make our love of and adoration for Tally Hall known, hoping to somehow sway the hat that the collective entrant’s names will almost certainly be drawn from. Assuming that a hat can be cajoled, and given my proclivity for believing in things entirely impossible, I don’t see how this could possibly fail.

So check out  “Good & Evil” the new album from Tally Hall and tell ’em Van Full of Candy sent ya! Best case scenario, we end up with the most awesomest theme song that ever awesomed a theme. Worst case, we’ve potentially introduced the incredible sounds of Tally Hall to thousands of new, unsuspecting ears. Either way, worth our time.

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