UPDATE: VFoC courted by Sub Pop Records and Adam McKay!

The freight train that IS “VFoC Presents – The Greatest Stories Ever Written: “Friday” by Rebecca Black” is hurtling straight for Opportunityville for your beloved co-founders of Van Full of Candy!


While the video, released just this morning, continues to break view speed records on the YouTubes, we have been fielding calls from Sub Pop Records and Adam McKay of Funny or Die and countless other iconic┬ámovie and tv hits offering possible development deals and other opportunities. It’s a hell of a lot to digest but it’s the opportunity we’ve been waiting for.

We’ll keep you updated as these developments development. Keep passing around the link and hang in there if you’re still having problems viewing it. YouTube is telling us that they’re trying to make sure that everyone who wants to see it can, so please be patient!


Van Full of Candy
On a rocketship straight to the big time and we’re taking you with us!

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