Candy for the Ears: The New VFoC LIVE Podcast!

We live in a society where we are being constantly bombarded with sights and sounds, information, flashy lights and bright colors all fighting for our precious attentions. Until very recently Van Full of Candy has only existed in a very small sliver of the noisescape’s peripherie. For the last year you’ve read our words usually on a daily basis in the form of our online humor articles and occasionally you have had the opportunity to ogle our manness in the form of small samples of moving picture talkies. That was fine, it worked, we had our outlet and we were content.

But little did we realize how selfish we were being. That wasn’t, COULDN’T be enough for YOU, our adoring public. You wanted to talk to us, to be our friends, to communicate with us in real time across the vast distances that separate us.

Finally, we heard your cries.

Last night after several grueling hours of labor we did give birth to “The Van Full of Candy Show” in the form of a live podcast experiment. It was, in our humble estimation, an unqualified success and one of the great moments in human communication. And after our fifteen minute test, we knew that we couldn’t go back, we knew that we wanted more and that we had to make this new medium our own: for you, our beloved fans.

Next Wednesday, February 1st will be the official debut of “The Van Full of Candy Show”, our live, half hour podcast, live audio blog… thing. Show. And we’re inviting YOU to be a part of it. You’ll have the ability to call in live and partake in what ever it is that “The Van Full of Candy Show” IS. We don’t even know for sure yet, it will surely evolve and grow naturally and organically, and we want you to help it take shape.

“But,” we hear you trying to interrupt as we’re talking to you, which is VERY rude. “What if I can’t be there Wednesday night at 8 pm Pacific, 11 Eastern and, I don’t know 148:30 Central? How can I have my voice and opinion heard by you, my favorite online Trans-Californian comedy duo?”

Well, we’re glad you asked, though we really wish you would learn not to interrupt us when we’re trying to tell you how Trans-Am we are. There IS a solution for your very likely predicament. Introducing the “Van Full of Candy Show Voicemail”! It’s the Van’s very own phone number. For realsies. Click on the link and be connected or dial us up at 9407 THE-VAN (940-784-3826) and leave us a bit of your wisdom and or praise. We are your outlet for what ever is on your mind. Need to yell at the world or share your inner most secrets? Want to spout off your ridiculous sociopolitical views or read us your VFoC slash fan fiction? The number is open and ready for anything and everything you can throw at it. And what’s more, we’ll even include it in our LIVE show, allowing you to participate across the expanse of time itself! We can manipulate the four dimensions of this simple existence at our whim! Shit yeah we can, we’re that incredible.

So yeah… that’s what’s going on and we just wanted to take some time to introduce you to the next step forward in our evolution. Radio. It’s the new Internet… Or something. And keep an eye on the Van folks, ’cause things are just gonna keep getting bigger as we spread our seed farther and farther, deeper and deeper into the public consciousness. Doesn’t that sound like fun?! Shit yeah it does.

Check out the Voicemail and a recording of our January 25th test show below. We’re glad you’re with us folk. Hope you enjoy the ride as much as we are.



Listen to internet radio with Van Full of Candy on Blog Talk Radio



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