German Screw Boat Hits Choppy Political Waters

Who and what you want to plunge your parts into really shouldn’t make any difference to anyone but you and the recipient. Nor should the number of whos or whats. But some people just can’t help but stick their nose where it wasn’t invited to be stuck.

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The idea of public officials publicly taking a public stand in the public about their stance against someone’s personal, private bedroom activities is nothing new. But when such news comes from Germany, that’s when things become news.

It seems that a group of consenting, otherwise reasonable adults (some 500 strong this year), regularly come together… regularly hook up… regularly appear in the same pre-determined space, in this case the MS Schwaben on the Lake Constance in the south of Germany, to enjoy a weekend of good natured swinging as organized by “Dreamteam Erotik Events”. The event, were it not for being highlighted this year by Constance Mayor Uli Burchardt, would likely have come and gone… would likely have quietly climaxed… would likely have transpired without much notice outside of the individuals who have chosen to partake in it. But now it’s being used as a vehicle to demonstrate Mr. Burchardt’s deeply held conservative beliefs at the expense of people whose actions in no way affect him or anyone else not aboard.

Nein wife Schwaben.

“This is not about sexual intolerance or being prudish,” the intolerant and prudish Mayor Burchardt said in a statement released to the press.

His objection, (which certainly wasn’t given to him by his political party in a letter “urging him to put a stop to the swinging”) is that the event is not in line with the state-owned chartering company’s commitment to tourism.

“It is only about whether the BSB should be charting boats for commercial sex events.” he continued, seemingly contradicting his earlier statement about not being about sexual intolerance.

For all of your German swinging needs. Ask for it by name.

It seems to me, (and to be sure, I’m one of those weird people who isn’t affected by people doing things with one another that in no way involves me), that what people who spend money coming to and purchase goods and services IN a town that they don’t live in (thus making them TOURISTS), decide to do once they’re aboard their watery play palace is really irrelevant as long as said boat is given a thorough scrub down once it pulls back into port.

So really, the problem here is that people engaging in an “alternative lifestyle” had the gall to announce out loud–so that good, normal people could hear it–that they were doing so. So rather than allowing these people to enjoy the thing that they enjoy, the Mayor would instead prefer that his boats remain unused and un-paid for. But again, it’s not a “moral decision, but a business one”.

Oh Germany, I expected more sexual open mindedness from you. Your deviances are well known, and swinging doesn’t even come close to being as dirty as we know you can go.

via: Your Daily Media

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