Graduation Day At This Japanese Art School Is Crazy Rad

Creative people being allowed to do creative things usually yields awesome. Add to that equation “Japan” and then you need to just sit back and enjoy the extra layer of fantastical insanity glaze slathered over the top.

Originally posted on Your Daily Media

If we’ve learned anything recently, it’s that when you give Asian students free reign to express themselves, they will damned well take it. First it was North Korean high school students being awesome in their yearbook, and now we have Japanese college students showing off their creativity on graduation day.

Granted, these ARE graduates of an art college, so it’s slightly more expected, but while American students solemnly plod across a stage, be-cap and gowned, Japanese graduates are not restricted to such uniform, and these folks have taken full advantage of the freedom; turning their celebration into, you know, a CELEBRATION!​

“Congratulations son, now get out there and hold down the low end.”
That must be one proud papa. Though I just imagined Japanese video cameras to be more compact than that.
He was asked to set himself to vibrate during the ceremony. That only seemed to make him louder…
In America, cosplayers choose Japanese characters so I guess this makes sense.
Oddly, my favorite. I can’t say why exactly, but the simplicity and oddity just combine to tickle my fancy.
Oh tiny Iron Man, do your repulsers shoot “Aww”s?
The true grandeur of Double Bass-san. 
Sally and “Weird Lumpy Necked Jack Skellington”
The after party’s designated drivers.
This costume is called “Posture Damage” or “When Commitment is Questioned”
Japanese Art School graduation or Anime-con? Stop, you’re both right.

via: Your Daily Media

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