Japanese Performance Art Troupe’s Performance, Actually Art

The world of performance art usually hates both performance and art. But in this rare case, we get something that is actually both.

Originally posted on Your Daily Media

​Usually, when I hear the term “performance art” the first image that springs to mind is a be-dreadlocked gentleman clogging up a busy downtown sidewalk, stapling one dollar bills to his solar plexus while screaming “Close Guantanamo!” And while this untrained eye may be missing the artistic merit of such a display, in the case of Japanese performance art troupe “Enra” it’s difficult to miss. Combining music, lighting effects and beautiful dance choreography in this piece entitled “Pleiades”, this incredibly talented troupe create a piece of performance art that doesn’t make me wish their father would yank their trust fund, which is a new feeling when watching the genre, so bravo if just for that.

via: Your Daily Media

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