Sonny & Cher's Daughter … Watch Him Dance !!

There’s been a few times over the last few months that I wanted to write something about Chaz Bono, and each time the slant was different. Not liking Chaz: pointing out Chaz’s silver platter and how using the Sonny & Cher platform to succeed was lame. Liking Chaz: for doing what Chaz was doing in finding Chaz’s self, thinking about how completely transforming the physical body into one that matches the inside and how brave that is. So I’m torn. Do I like Chaz or not? I guess the honest answer is that I could really give a shit about Chaz. If Chaz was someone who wasn’t in the limelight and went through this transition would we even know about it? No. And would we care? Probably not. But since Chaz is tied in with “celebrity”, we are exposed to it, and therefore, I have to read about and see it, and hence here I am writing about it. Ugghh !!

I remember when you were knee high to a plastic lady.

I couldn’t imagine what it was like to be the offspring of Sonny & Cher and all that went with it. I’d like to imagine how cool it must have been, but then on the flipside how shitty it probably was. Is this Chaz’s attempt to finally get the attention that Chaz has wanted for so long, starting in the days when Chaz was Chastity? Is this how Chaz seperates from the Sonny & Cher dyanasty and makes a name for Chaz’s self? Was the family fame so great that this was the only choice? Who knows. Who really cares?

Tonight I saw Chaz’s appearance on Dancing With the Stars and kept thinking, “ok, that’s a guy dancing with a girl, but the guy is a girl who really looks like a fat guy, but she’s really just an overweight girl who looks like a dude who isn’t really a good dancer, but if I look at her like she’s a girl, then I guess she’s an ok dancer, just a tad awkward and wearing a suit, but the dancing partner is hot, and what is she thinking? Does she just pretend it’s a guy or she’s dancing with a not so good looking female cousin with facial hair, and is the crowd cheering because the dance was good or that they feel compelled to because of what she went through? This is too much to deal with right now so let’s turn on The Singoff.”

I guess what I’m getting at is, I want to know what Chaz would look like if Chaz dropped 100 lbs. and had long auburn hair.


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