Let’s Play the Ad Game

Buy our new chicken tenders: they won’t rape you like our competitor’s fish sticks might! It just took me ten seconds to write that, and half of that time was spent looking up whether or not anyone’s ever been raped by a chain restaurant fish stick. And what I’ve just created is what we in the […]

TV Review: "Mr. Sunshine" / Groupon

I had intended on reviewing Matthew Perry’s latest cancelled television program this morning and took a surprising left turn. Come with me on a journey through the career wasteland of an actor who got really lucky one time, and freshly shorn vaginas that hate the environment. Let us begin with the debut of “Mr. Sunshine”, a show […]

TV Review: "Retired at 35"

There’s a reason the situation comedy is dead, and “Retired at 35” is it. That is not to say that this show is solely responsible for the death of an entire genre of television, though sure, I just made it sound like it is. In fact, “Retired at 35” is probably one of the better […]