This 1950’s Housewife On Acid Is Fantastic

Drugs are bad. We know this because we’ve been told so and because having them while in the presence of authority figures, leads you to not having them, or most of the rest of your previous things and life. So, clearly they must be terrible. Unless they’re not. In which case, there’s a lot of people of varying shades of brown that should probably still have most of their stuff…

Originally posted on Your Daily Media

Ever wonder what your grandparents would look like on acid? Sure, we all have! Well, just watch this YouTube video, taken from a 1956 LSD experiment conducted at the Los Angeles Veterans Administration’s Hospital. It’s apparently being used to push a book about Hudson Smith, Andrew Weil, Ram Dass & Timothy Leary, as the loud 40 second commercial at the end sort of explains, but this meek, sheepish 1950s housewife is transformed with one glass of water–laced with one tenth of a milligram of LSD–into a conduit for the universe and proceeds to struggle to describe her trip.

“I wish I could talk in TechniColor.” Oh grammy, you’re tripping balls and it’s kind of awesome.

via: Your Daily Media

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