Subway Advertising Technology Leaps Forward In Sweden

If you’ve ever been on a subway in America, odds are you’re dead. If you’ve somehow managed to survive you are no doubt filled with memories of not cool advertising. Those are the only two possibilities. In Sweden, cool things are happening in the subway, partly not death, but also other cool things like this.

Originally posted on Your Daily Media

Most of the time advertising can be obnoxious and abrasive–always up in our business, telling us how–if we choose the right deodorant–scores of ladies will magically appear and become instantly attracted to us, or offering up advice from animated amphibians on which brand of auto insurance we should be invested in. But every once in a while does something brilliant–something subtle and cool comes along and reminds us that everything doesn’t HAVE to yell while flashing bright colors in our advertising-weathered faces.

This sign for Apotek is in a Stockholm subway and uses technology to deliver a really fun and impactful advertising message. Of course, if it was in America, it would be covered in so many crude drawings of penises as to be made illegible, so it’s probably just best that we get to experience it this way…

via: Your Daily Media

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