This Didn't Happen Today in History — October 7th

October 7th 1988 —

Christian Death Metal band Christ Hammer and the Anvil of God released their fifth studio album “Body and Blood”.

The album received mixed reviews among the evangelical music reviewing community. Luke Davey of the “Jesus Times” called the album “The single most important writing ever in the name of Jesus Christ. I don’t think I’m over stating it at all when I say that this makes the Bible look like an incoherent children’s book written by a bunch of drunk Jews around a camp fire two thousand years ago.” While Emily Pious of “God Is Judging You Right Now Weekly” likened the album to “a direct assault on the belief system of a billion souls” and called the first single “Fuck a Cross”, “Like Satan walking among men dressed like a slightly taller Satan and raping the ear holes of the entire planet with hate songs about hate and hating, of Jesus and his sweet, gentle daddy.”

“Body and Blood” by Christ Hammer and the Anvil of God sold eighty-four hundred copies and remains the third highest selling Christian Death Metal album in history behind “Original Sinners” by King of King of Kings and Christ Hammer and the Anvil of God’s ninth release, their foray into Christian Death Metal Rap, “Mary’s Still a Virgin ‘Cause the Butt Don’t Count”

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